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Privacy Policy

You have found the privacy policy. Congratulations. I am a privacy first advocated. In the event that personally identifiable information was needed to be collected a means to opt-out would be provided. Fortunately, at this point in time, no such requirement is necessitated. As such I can let you know that there is no information collected by me that would personally identify you.

My privacy first advocacy ends at companies. If you are a company or an individual working in their capacity within that company, I make no promises of no data collection. If such data is useful in my own business matters, it will be used.

Data Collected

  1. Google Analytics: I use Google Analytics to collect data pertaining to the general usage of My setup of Google Analytics does not collect personally identifiable information nor can I access any information that is personally identifiable.
  2. SoundCloud and YouTube: This website may, from time to time, include items from SoundCloud and/or YouTube. These services, as a part of their services, may implement cookies to maintain login sessions from their respective websites as well as for other reasons pertaining to their business. I have no control over such cookies and any concerns should be communicated with those businesses as necessary. I have no access to any information SoundCloud or YouTube may collect.
  3. Hosting Platform: Your IP Address is logged by all hosting platforms in that you are accessing a server that is logging connection attempts. I, nor do any other individuals personally connected to me, have the ability to connect this information with you personally as no other identifiable information is collected. If you are truly concerned I would recommend using a VPN as not only does the hosting platform for this website collect your IP but so too does your ISP and any other website's–that you might visit–hosting platform.