Two toned image of Shase Hernandez

Shase Hernandez

Composer, Photographer, Web Dude, Digital Marketer, Analytics Lover

If Shase Hernandez were to have a website it would, indeed, be right here. Instead, there is in its place a loader. An infinite loader that shall spin round and round until the end of time. Or, at least, until Shase Hernandez or a representative of his fails to pay his hosting fees. Or, if the hosting service shuts down. Or, some other unlikely cataclysmic event.

In the meantime, what is there to know about Shase Hernandez? He fancies himself a composer when it comes easily and he is not sitting in place wondering if the composers of yesterday encountered as many road blocks as he appears to encounter on his compositional journeys. If he is bald or gray in hair at a young age it'll likely be due to this When he is not sitting in place twiddling his fingers, contemplating the composers of the past, Shase Hernandez finds himself endeavoring in a more visual art, photography. Landscape photography is particularly appealing to him in that it encourages another passion of his which is travel. He and his wife hope to see many places on this blue marble before they have children and likely become tied down to one location working to desperately provide their children with the best life one could hope for them.

It'll certainly come as a surprise to learn that Shase Hernandez considers himself a "Dude of the Web." He has spent the majority of his working adult life managing websites, helping lead the design implementation of rebranded websites. When he isn't geeking out on web management he is being consumed by web and advertising data analysis as well as setting up and managing tools for website analytics with an emphasis on reporting to high level individuals in a human friendly way. He has similarly spent a good deal of his time managing digital ad campaigns through Google Ads and social media platform  through a number of tools. Shase believes A/B testing is rad, finds it thrilling to report on successes and (even) failures, and loves figuring out how to improve reach and conversion to help a business achieve their goals.

So, why this lousy webpage? That is a good question. Perhaps a tale for another day. In the meantime the spinning loader of infinity shall adorn this place. Perhaps it can be meditative, philosophical, or just annoying (it could be worse, I considered making the shape oblong). It's really up to you.

Now Shase shall stop speaking about himself in the third person, which feels odd: I thank you for finding my skeleton website. Someday I'll make this space be-ay-you-ti-mous!

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