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Shase Hernandez

Visible World

Voice w/ Piano (soprano or tenor) 5 minutes Music by Shase Hernandez Text by Richard Siken

I used to have a weekend routine where I would walk across Golden Gate park, roughly two miles, to a greasy spoon diner. I'd sit there and eat my breakfast while reading whatever was of interest to me at that time and thereafter find my way to a local book store to peruse the offerings. From time-to-time, I'd find myself walking to the beach after my bookstore visit to just sit and soak in the view.

On one particular day I was reading a book of poetry by poet Richard Siken when I stumbled across his work Visible World. I was struck by the text and its concise form and the ways in which he used his words carefully, artfully, to paint such a vivid and beautiful picture. I could not help but take out my pencil and jot down ideas about the text and analyze how it moved.

My excursion to the sandy dunes of this particular beach was cut short as I was overwhelmed by the text and felt an intense pull to write music to it. Not an hour later I was at a piano jotting down what was to become Visible World and three hours later the work was done. The quickest song I have ever written and by far my most treasured to this date.



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Corrine Rydman, soprano
Steven Baily, piano

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