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Shase Hernandez

To My Mother

Solo Voice and Piano 3 minutes Music by Shase Hernandez Text by Walt Whitman

To My Mother is a very early work of written to a sonnet of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe. Interestingly enough, I have come to realize that there is an error of sorts in the composition. For reasons I have not discovered within my cogitation I completely skipped the 6th and 7th lines of the poem. Perhaps when I wrote it I had reason to do so but that time has so far escaped the present that it has hidden its mysteries with it. I wrote this for a class taught by the brilliant Dr. Alan Shockley. It may be that the text that was provided may have contained an error. I am unsure. I may one day revisit the piece for the sake of righting what might be wrong. Or, perhaps it was never wrong at all.

There appear to be two accepted versions of the poem. The more common version is printed here though I appear to have used the less common version.

To My Mother (1849)
Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

Because I feel that, in the Heavens above,
The angels, whispering to one another,
Can find, among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of “Mother,”
Therefore by that dear name I long have called you —
You who are more than mother unto me,
And fill my heart of hearts, where Death installed you
In setting my Virginia’s spirit free.
My mother — my own mother, who died early,
Was but the mother of myself; but you
Are mother to the one I loved so dearly,
And thus are dearer than the mother I knew
By that infinity with which my wife
Was dearer to my soul than its soul-life.



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To My Mother

Steven Berlanga, baritone
Jason Lo, piano

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