Two toned image of Shase Hernandez

Shase Hernandez

[ruːmɪneɪʃnz] II: Sound Poem

Electronic 9.5 minutes

The second in a series of pieces entitled "[ruːmɪneɪʃnz]" this work abandoned the chamber music format of the first piece in the series to adopt a completely electronic means of construction. Every musical sound that is heard throughout the piece is a manipulation of violinist that recording rather mundane ideas. A handful of long notes, tremolo, trills, pizzicato provided all that is needed to create the soundscape present in this piece.

While the original work consisted of 4 phases and 7 movements, it now contains just 3 movements from 3 phases.



As this piece is an electronic piece, there is no score. Contact for licensing information.

Currently Unavailable

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No musicians for this piece.

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