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Shase Hernandez

Prelude in F sharp minor

Piano 1 minute

I knew an absolutely brilliant professor of composition while I was in grad school who had a remarkable way of thinking. During one particular semester he was teaching a basic composition workshop course that was meant for undergraduates but I decided that it would be worthwhile to take this course. We spent the semester looking at various composer's works measure by measure with a final being to take any of the preludes we studied and write our own using the exact same amount of measures, keys, phrase length, and so on.

This is the result of that. Such an exercise would generally be written off as such but I found the project to be enjoyable enough that I had decided that I would write a series of preludes based on the style and characteristics of various composers. In this case, the work that was used as a framework was Dmitri Shostakovitch's "Prelude in F sharp minor (from Opus 87)."



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