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Shase Hernandez


Concert Band 2.5 minutes

This piece has nothing to do with Olympia, Washington, or Olympia, Greece. Nor does it have to do with any word starting with "Ol," "Oly," "Olym," "Olymp," or "Olympi." The piece might better be served with a title such as "Fanfare" or "Celebration." When I wrote this piece, while I was still in my teens, I thought the title sounded rather neat without thinking much more about it. The piece is indeed much akin to a fanfare with its bombastic brass and leaping melody. When I wrote this piece it was during the Olympics but for me the Olympics is something like a celebration, the coming together of many people from many cultures for one singular purpose. In this world, the ability to transgrese ideology and politics sometimes appears near impossible.

If this piece has any relationship with a word starting with "Olympi" it is only in the celebration that arises from that.

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This recording is a combination of a performance by Long Beach City College and California State University, Long Beach. (May the music gods have mercy on my soul for such a recording Frankenstein blasphemy.)

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