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Shase Hernandez

Fare Thee Well

Voice and Piano 2 minutes Music by Shase Hernandez Text by Rosalie Poe

Fare Thee Well is one of the first songs I had ever written and was originally part of a song cycle called The Poe Cycle. Since that time I have divorced it from the cycle as I feel that it stands well on its own. In doing some research on this piece–many years later–it appears that perhaps Rosalie is the author of only the second stanza, having altered the first stanza to her liking. I have found the first part of the poem with a second stanza that is completely different. At this time I cannot find who the author is of the poem that first stanza is from or if it is a traditional song or poem in its own right with the author lost to the ages.

Untitled Poem: I (1873)
Rosalie Poe (1810-1874)

Fare thee well, may peace attend thee,
Hope each cheering influence lend thee,
May heaven from every ill defend thee
And bless the home that holds my friend.

Though we may never meet again
Thy image I will long retain
And whilst thy goodness I commend
My heart with pride shall call thee Friend.



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Listen to Fare Thee Well

Steven Berlanga, baritone
Jason Lo, piano

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